Hydronic Heating Heat Pump

Immergas Hydronic Heat Pump

Immergas heat pumps allow more advanced solutions in any domestic environment delivering both hydronic heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water. The new range of Immergas heat pumps are air to water heat pumps using inverter technology, ideal for stand-alone systems or combined with additional heat sources and equipment delivering hybrid systems.

Features Include:

  • COP 4.48 for 16 Kwatt
  • Perfect for hydronic customers with no access to Natural Gas
  • Single Phase Power Supply
  • Possible to off-set operating costs with PV solar
  • Horizontal buffer tank available for space saving
  • 7 Year Warranty Manufacturers (Parts and Labour)
    *COP: Co-Efficiency of Performance @ 7-degree Air Temp / 35-degree water

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