Hydronic Heating Radiators

Hydronic Heating is a great alternative to conventional home heating systems due to its superior reliability, energy efficiency and quietness. It’s a clean form of heating both inside the home and for the environment. All these benefits ensure that hydronic heating is the best choice for your heating solution.

Our Hydronic Panels

At Nissl Eichert we stock only the highest performing radiators. With a variety of designs, finishes and colours our experienced sales reps will advise you on a radiator system that perfectly matches your home’s heating and decor needs.

Standard Hydronic Radiators

Nissl Eichert’s standard radiators are the DeLonghi Radel steel radiator range. As the most supported range of panels in Australia, there are no problems in sourcing these radiators from the distributor as they are always in stock.

Made in Italy from the highest quality steel and available in a variety of sizes, these radiator systems will perfectly suit your home.

Designer Hydronic Radiators

If you are looking for a more modern option, then designer hydronic radiators provide a diverse range of stylish and contemporary looks. These can be further customised with a rage of finishes and colours allowing for even more individuality. There are also options for more contemporary valves to compliment your designer radiators.

Please note: Designer panels are custom orders and can take between 14 – 20 weeks to arrive.

Traditional & Cast Iron Radiators

If you prefer the more traditional look of cast iron radiators, Nissl has a variety of brands and models to choose from. These cast iron radiators are the segmented traditional style that stand on the ground, with some of the more updated models combining vintage charm with clean lines and modern simplicity.

Alternatively, we have a range of radiator systems with ornate mouldings which evoke an antique elegance and charm. With a large range of colours and special finishes available, you’ll find the perfect radiator model that either blend sin with your décor or stands out to as a statement piece.

Please note: Cast iron radiators are custom sized and constructed to order and can take between 14 – 20 weeks to arrive.

What are the Advantages of Hydronic Radiator Panels?

There are a lot of advantages in installing hydronic radiator panels in your home:

  1. Hydronic heating systems radiate heat gently throughout your house without agitating dust and allergens within the air.
  2. The gentle radiation of heat also means that hydronic heating systems are much quieter, able to keep you warm and cosy without sacrificing your peace and quiet.
  3. With no exposed wires or naked flames, hydronic heating panels are safe for everyone, even pets.
  4. Radiator panels are very low maintenance as they have no moving parts.
  5. Radiator panels have a faster reaction time to get the heat out into the house when you require it.

Why should Nissl Eichert Install My Hydronic Radiator?

Nissl Eichert is one of Melbourne’s oldest and most experienced hydronic heating companies with a reputation for quality installations and superior customer service built over three decades.

At Nissl we strive to give you the highest quality products so you can have completed faith and peace of mind with your system. All the products in our range focus on superior quality, longevity and durability with an industry leading 10-year warranty program. Double that of industry standard.

This same emphasis on quality is mirrored in our installation philosophy with our hand-picked, in-house, qualified technicians striving to provide the best quality installations with the best equipment.

Even after you’ve had your hydronic radiator system installed, you’ll continue to benefit from ongoing customer service. With a designated in house after sales team we will be there to maintain and repair our installations for the life of the system.


Lainie Martino

We absolutely love our heating & hot water system recently installed! These guys were very helpful and knowledgeable and delivered exactly what was quoted and were always easy to deal with, helpful and accomodating. We have slab heating and hydronic panels coupled with combo boiler and it’s working perfectly for our family of four- highly recommended

Rod Ashcroft

The Buderus panels look good and blend nicely into the Victorian house… We are well pleased with the final result and can’t recommend Nissl Eichert highly enough.

Lisa T

Jake and the team at Nissl Eichert have been amazing to deal with. Their quote was very competitive and where other contractors were hesitant about things like under floor access and panel sizes for large rooms, Jake didn’t even bat an eyelid. The installers arrived punctually each day, were polite, hard-working and tidied up after themselves. Highly recommended.

Jerome Walsh

Wife discovered Nissl and they arrived at our house within 3.0 hours – brilliant! … Nissl quoted on a couple of units and were able to install a new boiler within 72 hours. Jamie (Tradesman – installer) was highly courteous and professional. Could not have been happier and will only use Nissl team to service boiler and panel units going forward. Sincere thanks to highly professional, no fuss, Nissl team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Hydronic Radiators Last?

DeLonghi Radel panels come with a 30-year warranty* and towel rails come with a 10-year warranty*.

* Radiators installed in wet areas (like bathrooms) only come with a 12-month warranty. This is due to the condensation and corrosion issues in these areas. We always recommend a towel rail be installed in these areas as they, unlike radiators, are built to take the punishment of the condensation in wet areas.

Please note: These warranties do not cover the valves on the radiators or towel rails, which may need to be changed as part of general maintenance on the system.

Where Can You Place Hydronic Radiator Systems?

Radiators are best placed underneath windows for a couple of reasons.

The radiant heat produced by the hot water flowing through the panel radiates from the front of the panel, hence it comes from the wall of the house into the centre of the room and into the living space.

The convection of the air inside the radiator also moves directly upward from the panel which creates a pad of warm air against the glass of the window. This warm air creates a temperature break that stops the warmth inside escaping through the glass. Plus, it also stops the cold exterior temperature coming in from outside.

Below the windows are also great placement as most people don’t have larger pieces of furniture directly in front of windows. This allows the radiant heat to circulate into the room better than by being blocked by furniture and visually makes the panel become part of the window feature.

However, if under the windows isn’t suitable placement, we can negotiate the design and adjust the layout to your requirements.

Can You Put Furniture Against Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating works best when it is allowed to emanate from the panels and gently circulate. By putting large pieces of furniture in front of radiator panels it really cuts into the efficiency of the system and its radiant heating.

If you were to put a large leather couch in front of a radiator, we would recommend that the couch be on legs so that the air can circulate under it and that it be as far away from the radiator as practical. The leather will dry out over time so we would recommend a regular treatment if you choose this as the desired placement. A minimum distance of 100mm is recommended for all furnishings in front of radiator panels. However, the further away the better.

We would also recommend not hanging artwork or electrical equipment like TV’s directly above hydronic heating radiator panels. This is due to the convection of warm air rising out of the radiators.

Does Hydronic Heating Use a Lot of Water?

Hydronic Heating systems are a closed loop system. Which means once the system has been filled up with water, it recycles this same water around and around the system.

We put a bacterial inhibitor into the water when we first fill it up. This inhibitor stops bacterial growth in the water for between 5 and 10 years. We will check on the condition of the water as part of our yearly general service call and will also top the water pressure up for you if required. The system does loose a small amount over time with just natural evaporation.