Heated Towel Rails

Hydronic Heated towel rails are the ultimate in bathroom luxury. They provide radiant heat to the bathroom whilst keeping your towels dry, fluffy and warm. These heated towel rails not only warm the bathroom but are also a practical space saving idea if you have radiator panels throughout the rest of your property.

What’s so special about our Hydronic towel rails?

All towel rails installed by Nissl are proudly 100% locally made by Hydrotherm Australia, based in Melbourne, making custom orders no problem at all.

Our towel rails can be chrome or powder coated to suit your bathrooms colour scheme and are also available in a variety of elegant shapes and sizes to fit in with your bathroom size and décor. This makes them a stylish, efficient, and durable heating solution for your bathroom.

All Hydrotherm towel rails are manufactured from the best quality copper and brass and won’t corrode in the “wet area” of the bathroom. With an industry leading 10-year warranty, you can bank on our towel rails being able to withstand the rigors of bathroom use. Compare this to radiator panels that only have a 12-month warranty if installed into a “wet area”. Why have a radiator and a towel rail in the bathroom when you can just have a towel rail that does both jobs.

Certified Installer of Hydrotherm Towel Rails

As a certified installer of Hydrotherm Towel Rails with a long-term relationship with them as a manufacturer, we always recommend their superior product. We have been able to co-operate with Hydrotherm Australia to ensure that the quality of their products is matched by the quality of our workmanship installing them.

With a great range of elegant, heated towel rails and racks available in a number of finishes, you’ll be able to find the perfect towel rail that seamlessly integrates with your bathroom style, size or colour scheme.

HW Series Towel Rails – Wall Mounted

The HW Series Towel rails are wall mounted units with W standing for Wall. The sleek, graceful, and practical design lends itself to superior functionality and enhanced heat output. This Wall mounted Series has additional clustered bars to bring improved warmth to their surroundings.

The HW wall mounted towel rails are available in two heights with the choice of multiple colours with optional finishes. All HW series towel rails are plumbed into the hydronic system directly through the wall, so they don’t have any pipe work going through the floor. This means they are elevated which makes cleaning the bathroom floor a breeze.

The HW Series are designed for new homes and can be tailored to suit individual bathroom specifications.

Download CAD

HW3 600

Widths: 600 (500, 700 & 800 Customised)

Height: 1300mm


HW4 600

Widths: 600 (500, 700 & 800 Customised)

Height: 1750mm


HW3 600

The Ultimate Bathroom Accessory

HF Series – Floor Mounted

The HF Series Towel rails are Floor mounted units with the F standing for Floor. These HF series towel rails have the pipework, which the hydronic water flows through, plumbed into the towel rail through the floor. This is the easiest way to retro fit a towel rail into an existing house and is also a great option if limited wall access is available.

The Floor mounted Series has additional clustered bars to bring improved warmth to their surroundings. The elegant and practical design lends itself to superior functionality and enhanced heat output.

The HF Floor mounted towel rails are available in two heights and has the choice of multiple colours with optional finishes. The HF Series are designed for existing homes and can be custom ordered to suit individual bathroom specifications.


Download CAD

HF3 600

Width: 600 (500, 700 & 800 Customised)
Height: 1650mm


HF4 600

Width: 600 (500, 700 & 800 Customised)
Height: 2100mm


Frequently Asked Questions

How do hydronic Towel Rails work?

Towel rails work in the same way as hydronic radiator panels. Water warmed by the hydronic boiler is circulated throughout the hydronic system and once that warm water is circulated into the towel rail it heats the rail which them gently radiates heat into the room and surroundings. This includes any towels hanging on the rail.  Towel rails will heat up when the rest of the hydronic system is running.

Do towel rails use a lot of energy?

By comparison, having a towel rail instead of a radiator panel doesn’t require any more energy to heat. In fact, the best way to ensure the house is beautifully warm with hydronic heating is to ensure there are no cold patches (or unheated rooms) in the house. Utilizing a heated towel rail that is functioning in conjunction with the rest of your hydronic system is an excellent way to ensure you don’t lose warmth from the other areas of the house.  So, having a hydronic towel rail operating in your bathrooms as part of your overall heating is a wise choice.

Where can a heated towel rail be installed?

Hydronic towel rails can be installed anywhere there’s adequate access and enough wall space to fit them.

Whilst most towel rails are obviously installed into bathrooms, we have also installed them in laundry areas. They can be used to dry washing and provide some warmth into the otherwise unheated laundry areas.

We have also installed them as stand-alone rails or as drying racks within specially designed drying cupboards. A hydronically warmed drying cupboard is a great way to maximise your clothes drying potential whilst your heating is on, and your hydronic system is running and will costs to less than half the price to run than traditional electric drying cupboard or clothes drier.

Contact us today to discuss this option in more detail!

Are heated towel rails safe?

Like any of the radiator panels within the house, towel rails will be hot to touch when they are in heating up mode. This, however, isn’t hot enough that you will burn yourself by touching them. Towel rails can also have thermostatic relief valves installed whereby you can manually turn down the temperature on the individual panels or towel rail.

If need be, we can also turn down the overall water temperature flowing through your hydronic system though this will increase the amount of time it takes the hydronic system to get up to your desired temperature and can affect the systems efficiency. Older children and pets will learn to avoid the towel rails and panels when the system is heating up though if you have very small children, feel free to discuss any concerns with whichever sales rep is designing your system..

Can I have my towel rail heating when the rest of the heating is turned off?

If you have a fully hydronic towel rail? No, you can’t run them individually.

However, if you would like this as a feature, please let us know, as we can install an electric heated towel rail which are totally independent to the hydronic and can be used at any time and can be controlled manually and used at any time.

These electric towel rails feature an electric element inside them, and they are full of water (just like the hydronic version). The element gently heats the water inside the rail, and they radiate heat in the same way as a fully hydronic towel rail. It’s a great option and gives you more versatility with the design of your heating system.

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